Stone & Tile Fireplacess

Do you need a revamp on your current fireplace? Are you stuck on what design ideas will look best with your home? There are so many different stone and tile fireplace options, the possibilities are endless! Here at MGM Marble we install both stone and tile fireplaces in homes and businesses. Add warmth or elegance to your space with a stone or tile fireplace.

Why Choose a Stone Fireplace For You Los Angeles Home?

A stone fireplace gives off an outdoorsy look. Many people choose stone fireplaces because they draw your eye toward them and are usually the focal point in the room. If you choose a stone fireplace, you can choose a color the matches your current space or it is also popular to pick a contrasting stone color to make it pop more. We have installed both ways, and both look great, it just depends on what look you prefer.

Tile fireplaces offer a more modern touch.

Tile fireplaces are a popular choice because they are nonflammable. It provides a safe barrier between the opening of your fireplace and your home. Like stone, tile is available in a variety of colors. But, tile, however has more options, such as vibrant blues or greens. Large or small tiles will work on fireplaces and pretty much any design can be done.

If you are wanting to give your fireplace a facelift, call the experts at MGM Marble today.

We offer free consultations and are happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to working for you!