If you’re looking for that special combination of beauty, elegance and durability for your countertops, then Silestone may be the perfect choice for you.

Silestone is made from 93 percent natural quartz and is one the hardest countertop materials available. It can be used for nearly any interior surfacing application like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tub and shower surrounds, floors, walls, backsplashes and even wet bars just to name a few.

One of the first things you’ll notice with Silestone, is its distinctive beauty and and clarity.

Silestone is also a versatile surface that comes in more than 60 colors to choose from.

Diamond, sapphire and topaz are the only other three minerals harder than quartz so having Silestone in your home means not having to worry about a scratched countertop. So anything you may accidentally drop – like a knife – on your work surface, will not damage it or leave scratches behind.

The non-porous nature of Silestone make it stain resistant.

So stains like red wine, soft drinks, lemon, vinegar and even makeup, can easily be cleaned up in no time at all.

In kitchens without quartz surfaces, you need to be careful where you place hot pots and pans. With Silestone, you won’t have to worry anymore. You can even touch a lit match to the heat-resistant surface and it will not be harmed. It is, however, suggested that you put something underneath slow cookers and electric skillets to avoid thermal shock.

The best part of owning Silestone surfaces is that they are virtually maintenance free.

Silestone’s highly polished surface means that all you need for cleanup is some warm, soapy water or a mild household cleaner.

If you’re ready for a quartz surface that is beautiful, durable and very low maintenance, call MGM Marble at (818) 902-3785.