Quartz Stone

Quartz stone is a newer type of countertop that is quickly becoming popular. Quartz stone offers many good qualities other than its beautiful appearance. It is extremely durably and doesn’t have the same weaknesses of natural stone. Quartz stone countertops are also often called engineered stone countertops.

Quartz stone countertops come in a wider range of colors than other countertop options, such as natural stone, marble or granite. Quartz features durability that is similar to granite and concrete, however, it is harder to chip or crack. Quartz stone is non-porous, meaning it resists stains much better than granite, marble or concrete. Non-porous surfaces are also great because they won’t harbor any bacteria or viruses. This is especially important for surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

Quartz stone countertops feature a contemporary look.

Quartz countertops are manmade from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. They usually feature 92% to 94% quartz. Quartz is also virtually maintenance free with a lifespan of 25 to 50 years.

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