There are many options to choose from on the countertop stone market, but nothing compares to the look that natural stone gives a home. Each slab is unique with its own characteristics, that will make your kitchen or bath stunning, comfortable and one of a kind. If you prefer the beauty and sophistication of natural stone, then Pental Granite and Marble is the product for you.

Pental chooses its stone from quarries from all over the world and offers a full line of natural stone. Here are some of the great Pental products to choose from.


Durable and stunning, it’s one of the most scratch-resistant natural stones on the market. Granite is also stain-resistant and its color holds up over time, remaining as beautiful as the day you bought it.


The patterns on quartzite are some of the most unique and stunning you can buy. It’s durability and scratch-resistance makes it a great choice for your kitchen or bath.


Natural gems like Amethyst, quartz, jasper and agate are melded into works of art. If you want a naturally colorful, one-of-a-kind look for your home, choose Precioustone.


A classic choice. Each slab of marble brings its own unique pattern and color. Marble has been used for centuries by artists to shape some of the world’s most famous stone images. The same stone Michelangelo used is available to you too.


If you want a more neutral, contemporary look for your kitchen or bath, look to Limestone. You can choose from honed, tumbled or polished finishes.

There are many other Pental natural stone products to choose from. If you want the traditional, yet modern look and feel of natural stone installed in your home, call MGM Marble today at (818) 643-7301.