Neolith Fabricators

Neolith is an extremely compact surface with high performance ratings, great choice of colors and comes in large-format and variable thickness, all combined to make the perfect countertop choice for you home. Neolith is made by combining materials found in glass, porcelain and quartz. Neolith is created with intense heat and pressure to make for a super-hard, almost indestructible material for your kitchen, bath, floors or sinks.

Due to the revolutionary processing method that takes place by using 100 percent natural materials heated to around 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and compressed to 5900 pounds per square inch, Neolith is the most durable fabricated stone material on the market today. Quartz countertop materials are heated to around 200 degrees and can be damaged much easier than a Neolith surface.

Neolith offers the best combination of functionality and beauty.

It is scratch-resistant and abrasion resistant, plus, with normal use, will not wear. Neolith is also resistant to high temperatures and fire. It is also freeze, thaw and UV resistant.

By choosing Neolith you are also helping the environment. It is 100 percent natural and 100% recyclable.

You can’t go wrong choosing Neolith for your kitchen or bathroom.

It is the most long-lasting fabricated stone surface you can buy and it is made right here in the state of California. If you’re ready to have Neolith installed in your home, call MGM Marble and Granite today at (818) 643-7301.