Ceaserstone Fabrication

Caesarstone is a type of beautifully engineered stone that is made up of over 90 percent natural quartz. Caesarstone is perfect for most interior work surfaces. it’s especially great for the kitchen, but it can be used in your bathroom as well. Caesarstone’s hard, impermeable surface cleans easily, in most cases, with just soap and water.

Under normal use conditions, Caesarstone doesn’t crack, scratch or stain. This easy-to-clean fabricated stone holds up to some of the toughest stains you can dish out like like coffee, fruit juice, food coloring, soft drinks and even red wine. A Caesarstone surface also eliminates the need for sealing altogether which lowers the chance of bacteria becoming a problem.

The best part of having Caesarstone countertops in your kitchen or bath is that this high-density material keeps its shine and lustre, and doesn’t require extra polishing or oiling. But, MGM Marble suggests that some precautions be taken to give you the best chance your Caesarstone surface will look beautiful for many years to come.

  • As mentioned before, Caesarstone is virtually scratch-resistant with normal use. We do, however, suggest to not cut food on the surface. Please use a cutting board and avoid the use of knives on the stone surface, plus, cutting on a hard surface such as Caesarstone will damage your knives.
  • If you’re looking for a surface that holds up heat, then Caesarstone is right for you. However, most stone surfaces will be damaged by sudden exposure to high temperatures. Please use hot pads when placing pans on the Caesarstone surface as well as any slow cookers or other heated cooking implements.
  • Cleaning is important for Caesarstone. But, cleaning Caesarstone with anything that with a pH level between 5-8 will damage the surface. Never clean Caesarstone with bathroom cleaners, oil soaps, furniture cleaners or floor cleaners. If an accident happens byy using wrong cleaners, wash the surface immediately.

MGM Marble knows your fabricated stone investment is important to you and we want it to look it’s best for years to come. Call us today with any questions at (818) 902-3785.